Interests and Research Focus

  • Developing camel derived antibodies (CaMab) to neutralize pathogens.
  • Combining CaMab with antimicrobial peptides to lyse the baterial and fungal pathogens on contact (AbTid®) to tackle serious problem of antibiotic resistance. These molecules are resistance proof, as mutatable intracellular proteins are not targeted.
  • Using CaMabs for diagnostic applications: Detection and identification of pathogens in the blood of sepsis patients. 
  • In situ delivery of the CaMab using probiotics for enteric applications in human and animal health to reduce the usage of growth promoting and prophylactic antibiotics.
  • Using CaMab to develop novel immunotherapeutics against cancers and autoimmune diseases.
  • Utilizing human and mouse short chain fragment variable (scFv) derived antibody molecules tailored to bind specific and novel targets. 
  • Developing antiparasitic molecules against neglected geohelminth parasites, using a combination of nanobodies and RNA interference.